Green Family

John Jude married into the Green Family of Cambridgeshire, England.

St Mary's Church Prittlewell, Essex
The Green family extend from Prittlewell, Essex, England. Prittlewell takes its name from a well situated at an ancient priory, known as the Prittlewell Brook, in the Parish of Southend-on-Sea (11,31). Allington Green was baptised at St Mary's Church, Prittlewell in 1743.

Allington Green settled in the ancient village of Dullingham, Cambridgeshire after marrying Sarah Collin (1748-1796), on the 5th January 1769 in St Mary's Church Dullingham (20).

The church was described in 1870 as "an ancient building of stone, with a tower; stripped of superstitions decorations in 1643". The meaning of Dullingham is "homestead of the family or followers of a man called Dulla". The village stands in the middle of the Parish.
St Mary the Virgin Church, Dullingham, Cambs.

Sarah was a descendant of the local Wake family who lived in Dullingham in the 1600's. In Bishop's Transcripts the name Wake is listed as Wakelyn (11).

Since the Middle Ages, Dullingham has been devoted mainly to agriculture, mainly in northern open fields cultivated on a triennial rotation, or by cleared woodlands in the south. By 1828 the larger farms were being cultivated on a four-course rotation, including wheat, barley, clover, and turnips (30).

Thomas Green (1770-1854) was the first born child of Sarah and Allington Green (29). He was born in Harston, a village south of Cambridge, known for its excellent water derived from eight artesian wells It has been said that Harston 'is one long street’ always bustling with travellers from Cambridge to London (11).

Thomas married Mary Willows (1771-1827) in Harston 1794 (20). Two daughters were born to the couple; Elizabeth in 1796 and Mary born in 1804.

1851 English Census for Thomas Green
The eldest daughter, Elizabeth, married John Jude (1795-1865) in Newton-by-Cambridge on 25th November 1818. Elizabeth and John had two daughters, Betsey (1819-1819), Jane (1820-1910) and a son, Page (1823-1868).

Elizabeth's sister, Mary, married twice, first to Thomas Day at age 19, to whom she had a daughter, Elizabeth, in 1826 before marrying James Sutton in Harston on 7th March 1829. Mary and James had two girls, Ann (1832-1886), Eliza born 1834, John (1837-1924) and William (1839-1901).

Elizabeth Green
On the 24th January 1823 Elizabeth's husband John, along with others, was convicted for stealing eleven ducks from a Harston farmer. He was sentenced to seven years transportation to the colonies. Elizabeth was left with their young daughter and a new son. 

John Jude did not return to England and his wife, Elizabeth, and only daughter, Jane, did not come to Australia.

Elizabeth is listed as a widow on the 1851 Census and living with her widowed father, Thomas, on parish relief. Thomas died three years later (28). By 1871 Elizabeth is living with her daughter, Jane, who married Issac A Littlechild (1811-1892) in 1843 (19).
1851 Census showing Elizabeth and her father on parish releif
Elizabeth passed away on Christmas Eve 1880, aged of 84 (27). Separated by countries, she outlived her husband and her son.

Probate for Elizabeth Jude 1880
Elizabeth's son Page Jude
Page Jude grew up in England with his mother and sister. He eventually followed his father to Australia. When his father died in 1865 he left him the properties of Armatree, New Armatree and Willancorah. Page had already acquired Illumurgalia West and Illumurgalia East from Andrew Brown in 1864 (12).

Page married Lucy Thompson (1841-1922) in Hartley NSW in 1858, she bore him three daughters and one son, John William Page Jude (1862-1936). Sadly all three daughters died from diphtheria while still young. 

Within a year of the death of the third daughter, Page died from "exposure and cold which bought congestion of the lungs and not otherwise" (15). The stained glass windows behind the altar at St Paul's Church, Emu Plains were erected in his memory (16). A bushfire in 1929 destroyed the rectory which contained several church registers and presumably other historical information (18).

The stained glass windows behind the alter in St Paul's Anglican Church, Emu Plains
"To the Glory of God who died October 18 1868 & in memory of Page Jude erected by his wife & son"
Mary Green
In 1823, at the age of 19 Mary married Thomas Day in Harston, Cambridgeshire (20). Their daughter, Elizabeth, was born in 1826. 

Mary married a second time to James Sutton (1804-1851) in Harston 1829 (20).

In the 1841 Census Mary is working as an agricultural labourer, her husband, James, not listed. Living with her were her children 15 year old Elizabeth, 9 year old Ann, 7 year old Eliza, 4 year old John and 2 year old William (19). 

James died sometime before 1851 as Mary is a widow on parish relief with her two son's living with her (19)
1851 Census showing Mary and her two sons on parish relief
Mary's son John Sutton
At the age of 19 John (1837-1924) left Liverpool, England aboard the ship 'Matoaka', arriving in NSW on 22nd January 1857 (21). John's immigration records states:
"Uncle John Jude, farmer, Emu Plains. Father dead; mother living at Haslingfield".
Haslingfield is a village and civil parish in south Cambridgeshire England about 6 miles south west of Cambridge between Harston, Barton and Barrington (11).

John married Margaret Stewart (1851-1919) at the residence of Mr Brennon in the Murrygon District, Coonabarabran NSW on 14 October 1875, records state that he was a fencer and she was a servant (22). 

The district was at first known by the Aboriginal name Murry Gon Gon, becoming shortened to Murrygon and eventually transformed to Merrygoen (23).

John was employed as a labourer on Denmy Plains, Gulargambone, working for the Ferguson family between the years of 1876 and 1888, where most of their children were born, after which the family moved to Youlbong Tooraweenah (24). In later years Youlbong was divided into another section called Old Mundah (13).

Family history records the following:
"John arrived in Australia at the age of 19 and went to live in Five Dock, Sydney, with his cousin, Page Jude, and they called him "Jude's Jack". John married Margaret Stewart at Goolma near Mudgee and had five boys. They moved to Gulargambone and worked on a property for John Ferguson at 'Denmy' and then for Peter Ferguson at 'Rosedale'" (25).
John was aged 87 when he passed away 1923.(26).